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Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Today, the world suffers from a vicious pandemic, which has to be ceased soon or could summon an intense ramification to the Earth. Until and unless the vaccine for this deadly disease is not spread through the whole country, the only way to secure ourselves is to be conscious and maintain proper hygiene.

Cleanliness is a vital part of human's drudgery. One should always maintain a clean and healthy environment around him. If he does not follow proper hygiene, he induces numerous illness-causing diseases, and to the latest, COVID-19. The word 'environment' not only means to have a clean neighbourhood around you but to make the whole country pure and polluted free.

India stands on the fifth position in the world for the most polluted countries and is in the top of the list for the highest disease contractor. In 2014, the prime minister of our nation, Mr Narendra Modi, launched the 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' to promote the significance of cleanliness and hygiene. This step by the government provoked millions of people in India to pay attention and to spend a little time for their nation's sterility. The assistance and consciousness of India's population made the country 50% cleaner than it was previously. We should be grateful to those nation workers and maids because they are the one who made it possible for the imminent of nation's asepsis. Due to these efforts, India is becoming cleaner each day, which also brings about more and more diseases to be vulnerable in the country.

India's population is another obstacle to prevent it from being polluted free. India shares one part of the fourth of the world's population. This population led to the rapid growth of pollution. The colossal industries which provide us with various useful supplements, on the other hand, pollutes the whole environment. They release toxic gases which cause cancer in a large amount and throws toxic wastes to rivers and streams, which pollutes freshwater.

Thus, the contamination is spread everywhere you go, and it concludes that only cleanliness could mend the problems for the diseases which are considered deadly to humans. We also need to be healthy to prevent us from catching these diseases. In 2015, the whole world got inspired by India and followed the practice of 'Yoga' as the best medicine to cure and keep yourself fit. The world took Yoga as a significant busyness and deemed 21 of June as 'International Yoga Day.' Thus everyone should take hygiene soberly and make their surroundings clean, for 'Cleanliness is not a matter of instinct; they are, matters of education, and like most great things, you must cultivate a taste of them.'

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