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In one of my previous blogs, I have talked about the director and his credits to make a film, so if you have not read that blog, visit there now -> Top 5 of my favorite directors of all time

While the director is the most important figure to make a movie, after him the most significant role goes to it's composer. The thing that touches the audience is it's emotions. A director cannot reveal the emotions of his characters by himself. It is the music which does so. And that's why a composer is a huge element for any movie. And so, today I am going to discuss my Top 5 Favourite Composers of all time.

Note:- As I said in my previous blog, here I am not ranking any composer on any basis of nominations. These are just my favourite composers whom I like. This blog does not mean any offence to any works or people.

If you are a fan of composing or have even a little knowledge about them, you would have definitely heard about the ones whom I am going to refer in this ranking. Tell me in the comments who are your favourite composers, also comment if you disagree with my ranking.

So without making you bored, let's move on to my ranking!

5. Alan Silvestri

Alan Silvestri was born on 26th March 1950 in Manhattan, New York. Over years, Silvestri has been known for making melodious songs which has won the hearts of people. Nearly participated in more than a hundred films, he is one of the most beloved composers of all time. He started his career with a low-budget film The Doberman Gang, but soon showed the world his talents. His greatest works include Forrest Gump (1994), The Back to the Future franchise (1985-1990), The Polar Express (2004), Believe (2005), Cast Away (2000), Many composed song in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and much more. He has been nominated twice for the Academy Awards for his works of Believe and Forrest Gump.

4. James Horner

James Horner was born on 14 August 1943, in Los Angeles, California. He developed his interest in music only at the age of five! Also, he got educated in one of the greatest colleges of the world, The Royal College of Music in London. He has also completed his Ph.D. in music composition. He started his work with a low-budget commercial film The B Movie, but his first large and successful work was of Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan (1982) and so he began on. He has worked in many films, because of which he is considered to be one of the greatest composer of all time. His most famous work for original score is in Titanic (1997) and The Avatar (2009). With James Cameron, his work got famous, and he achieved 2 Oscars for his work for Titanic. Alas, he died on June 22 in 2015, but his works will always be remembered, I betcha.

3. Howard Shore

Howard Shore was born on 18 October 1946 in Toronto, California. If just he would not have composed The Lord of the Rings, he would not be so popularized, nor even be in this ranking (I would not even know his name) and just be a simple composer. But his work for this legendary trilogy was so admirable that he had to be in this list. Out of the three movies, he was nominated for the Academy Awards for Best Original Score for the first and the last movie, and won 1. Also, he composed the song Into The West with Annie Lennox and won an Oscar for Best Original Song. Besides The Lord of the Rings trilogy, his greatest works are The Hobbit trilogy (prelude to the Lord of the Rings trilogy) and 2011 film Hugo, for which he was also nominated for an Oscar.

2. Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer was born on 12 September 1957 in Frankfurt, Germany. Like James Horner, he also developed his interest to music at a very early age. Only at the age of 6, he decided to choose his career as a composer. It was one of the best decision of his life. Zimmer has composed many films, and he is best known for his collaborations with Christopher Nolan. This pair of an extraordinary film director a music director triumphed in winning the hearth of people. With Nolan, he worked in films like Interstellar (2014), Inception (2010), The Dark Knight trilogy (2005-2012) and Dunkirk (2017). Other than these, his greatest works are Gladiator (2000), The Lion King (1994), Pirates of the Caribbean (2003-2017), The Da Vinci Code (2006), Sherlock Holmes (2009-...?) and much more. He has been nominated for Oscars 11 times and won 1 for The Lion King.

1. John Williams

Those who know about composition in film industry, the might have definitely guesses who is going to be in the position 1. Though tough to choose between Zimmer and Williams, the result was in front of my eyes. John Williams is also graduated in one of the greatest music school in the world, The Julliard School. Before beginning his career of film composing in 70's, Williams was a very talented Jazz Pianist. Williams started his work with The Sugerland Express, which was also the great director Steven Spielberg's first movie. They both started their work together, and soon became the maestro of their own fields. John Williams and Steven Spielberg had worked together on more than 20 films, from which the most famous are E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982), Schindler's List (1933), Jaws (1975), Jurassic Parks (1933) and The Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). But it has not finished yet. John Williams greatest work cannot be disregarded. In 1977, John Williams composed the greatest music for the greatest series of all time, Star Wars. Then again, he worked for Harry Potter, for which he is also regarded much. This was not over yet. There are numerous movies for John Williams worked for and made them inordinate. He is literally nominated for 52 Academy Awards! And holds the record for highest oscar nomination won by a living man, and second to get highest Oscar nominations, after Walt Disney. Out of these nominations, he has won 5 of them.

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