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Money is not everything. But anyhow, it is one of the most important thing we need in life. If we do not have the education regarded this particular field, we cannot thrive to earn it and thus will fail to achieve our aims, because then we would not have time to heed towards our goal and will look for various alternatives to get wealth. Thus, we shall be educated enough to know how the money works and to develop our nation's economy.

I have already made a blog on the numerous corrigendums of the Indian Education, so do read it to know how to improve the aggregate of the human labour.

Here's the link to that blog 👉 Indian Education: The ground of nation's deflation

This type of education is not taught in schools (not only in India, but in foreign too), and that's why most of the people are unaware of it. To say, we do have a subject 'Economy', but it teaches us about the life of different localities of the country, the kind of occupations they have, and what is their financial status, rather than teaching us how the money works, how to earn it and make well use of it for the growth of our economy. They do tell us how important is it, but in a very contingent way that often confuses us.

Due to this lack of knowledge, people work hard and hard to earn it, but their arduous ways are simply just flushed away. According to the various businessmen who triumphed to make money work for them, explains that they began their journey to the financial education it the very inception of their tweenage. For instance, Warren Buffett says that he started his first investment at the age of 11, which made him such successful today. And Robert Kiyosaki was provided with such a quality financial education by his rich dad (as he used to call him) that made him one of the greatest influencer of all time and demolished his poverty.

Another reason because of which this knowledge is not taught to the children because the parents don't even know about that. Adults are not taught about the necessity of the financial education by their elders, and so we are not. People often run in the rat race, pay everything of their's and become as much diligent as they could become, but their lack of knowledge prevents them to achieve what they desire. Even if you are not taught about the financial education by anyone, you could still get it by reading books. Books are the things which made me realise about this need, and so I shared it with you all. Read books, spread the knowledge and help yourself to get wealthy soon.

Inspired from the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

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