Storm Drain Project: A great way to provide unfoul aqua

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

"Water, water, everywhere, And all the boards did shrink; Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink"

We have heard these famous lines from Samuel Taylor Coleridge, but what do we understand from these lines?

It is known to us that the Earth is covered with 71% of water. It, being salty, is not consumed by us. Out of this, only 1% is drinkable to us, which we are losing day-by-day. A huge amount of water is daily wasted by the sewer and pipelines in India. This water is either washed away through rivers, lakes and other water bodies, making them too unpure for the population or is provided directly to the urban classes, resulting in the growth of death rate in India.

But due to the India's population, providing people with clean water is very expensive. But what if there is a way through which the water can somehow get non-polluted water in a non-expensive way?

A storm drain is an infrastructure which is used to drain excess rain and groundwater for impervious surfaces such as pavted streets, car parks, parking lots, footpaths, sidewalls and roofs. It receives water from drains and gutters and is chiefly used in towns with heavy rainfall. The rain water and water from the floods flows through the design and the inner structure regulates and helps in purification of water. It removes impure and waste substances from the flow and make the water cleaner.

A lot of dirty water is flowed and wasted through drainage. With the use of storm drain, this water can be cleaned and be used in various activities. It do also prevent the choking of water in gutters and sewers.

How does this project work?

The storm drain is a small and effective system. Is is connected on the top of streets, with a vent on the top, receiving water and separating large impurities from it. The inside infrastructure is connected with a pipeline, collecting water from home drainage. Then the water is collected inside a container, where the solids and mud sinks on the bottom. The viscous liquids such as oil and debris floats on the top of water. The remaining water flows through another container provided with a filter paper, where the further impurities are partitioned and the the clean water flows to the water bodies or is provided to the hinterlands.

Why is this project necessary?

Storm Drain is widely used in all over the world, India being an exception. This project shall be introduced in our nation too. The society is getting impre water. Through this project they may get purer water. Also, due to improper drainage system, flooding and overflow of water is caused. The water bodies will also be cleaner.

We all have a role in keeping our environment clean and healthy. We must realize our responsibility to maintain the water source in a healthy state. Adopting good hygiene practices should be our way of life as our individual initiative will make a big difference. We must look towards the lower castes and listen to their problems, and help in maintaining a good sanitation, so that less deseases might interact with us.

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