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Updated: Apr 10, 2021

If you are an youngster, you would certainly have some ambitions and aims to decide your career, substantially to become doctors, engineers or businessman. If you are a diligent person, the lion's share of you might be in the field of Science or Commerce. Have you ever thought to be something unique rather than these customary preoccupations?

That's what the Indian Education System teaches us. Providing us with limited recourses, it does not intend to motivate people to participate in various fields, instead they use to 'manufacture' doctors and engineers. Study proves that India produces an amount of engineers far more than Switzerland's population per year, still is lagging much-much behind to that of Switzerland's technology.

Practical learning is completely demolished in this country. Students are expected to rote or to get failed in every examination. A person's character is judged by his results and percentage, and the creative skills are completely ignored here.

A student's future is tied with the percentage he got passes in the results. If he secures good marks, he will be having a good job, good reputation and is considered to be astute in the society's vision. On the other hand, if he acquires less grades, his future is wrecked, insecure and is dumb on the eyes of the society. Though he knew much more than the previous student, and is much knowledgeable in the particular field, he was much behind the one who just roted and did not perform any activity physically.

I remember an incident when an English Board topper was asked to give an interview in English in which he failed to speak the language grammatically accurate and fluent.

Due to this pressure and load, the students who are weak in studies has no option left but to suicide. The suicidal rate of the students due to this pressure of studies has reached to 28+ per day. That count to nearly 840 death per month and 10,000 per annum. What is the need of education when the students are expected just to rote rather than learn?

This education system shall be changed soon or the death rates will gradually increase over a short period of time.

The students shall have the freedom to choose in whichever field to go and select the career they want to be in. They shall no be forced by parents or be put under any pressure to change their mind. This does not mean to not be advised. To get into any field, they shall have a rich knowledge about that career, take advises and perform their best so that one day, India will also advance to a developed country, not only in some distinct ones, but in each and every direction.

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