Poem: A Rogue | The WOW

Updated: Apr 10

I wrote this poem, desolated under a tree

Remembering the incidents, he hath done with me

Make me sad and make me bully

Unhappy, dejected and unfree

Yet good god gave me his blessings and grace,

From a fitty to an optimistic face

It was my time to take the revenge,

And his juncture to confront the avenge.

Now I am here, with a quality image;

While he caught the inapt carriage

I gained success and had fun,

And he sorrows for what he has done.

It's too late for him to apologise,

Inside my heart, he is much criticised;

Ne'er to me, he could be a man of decency,

Here I rise to power and now ends his supremacy.

Hey the sole, I know you would understand

For you, this poem have I planned;

Through this may you realise your obligations

To believe and claim your do's and allegations.

Now he is the one on to be felt pity,

May someone provides him with gratuity;

Oh no, that can't be me;

To me, he is a rogue of utter incorrigibility.

Hi, I'm Tanuj Rathi

I am a 14-year-old teen. I love reading books! During my free time, I use to write short stuff and blogs to consume my time and to do something creative!

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